Subscription Special

How does’s VIP subscription delivery service work?

Our VIP subscription delivery service allows you to skip fresh markets or grocery shopping. delivers fresh, pre-portioned packing right to your door.
First, you set your product preferences with different categories
You’ll choose from 100+ fresh perishable products carefully pack to your needs.
You can skip a week anytime if your needs change.


How many times a week does deliver?

You can expect our internal delivery team to arrive between 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week.
We deliver anywhere in the Klang Valley ( Klang – Petaling Jaya – Kuala Lumpur )


How much does VIP Subscription cost?

The cost of VIP Subscription service starts at RM0.00. In other words, you spend only $$$ on your purchase product.
For instance, one customer claims: ‘I LOVE it… We saved over RM400 a month in groceries and more important freeing up more time for us!’
Or, as another customer puts it: ‘ We save over RM100 a week by not going out to eat or even stopping by the grocery store to grab things for dinner!’
Of course, each customer experience is different. We charge monthly. We make it easier for you to manage your food budget and expenses.
Our VIP Subscription is so convenient you can pause and differ delivery date.


Does support a healthy lifestyle?

Yes. offers a wide array of healthy and nutritious fresh perishables that cater to a range of dietary needs.