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Apart from its high nutritional value, Tiger Grouper is often the highlight of a meal, thanks to its distinctive, mildly sweet flavour, tender meat and large, chunky flakes.

Recommended cooking method: steaming, boiling, grilling, baking, broiling, pan-frying and poaching.

We offer a HASSLE-FREE experience🪄

– Fish is scaled and gutted

– Whole fish or different fish cuts (fillet, butterfly and steak) are available.

– No thawing required as the cleaned fish is delivered fresh, in an ice box, from Port Klang to your doorstep.


– Select the weight of ONE fish in the Option bar below.

– Select your desired fish cut (whole fish, butterfly, fillet or steak cut)

Note:  Gutting and scaling may reduce the product weight by 5 to 10%.


0.8-1.2kg butterfly
0.8-1.2kg butterfly
1.8-2.2kg whole fish
1.8-2.2kg whole fish

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