Organic Crispinet


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Organic Crispinet 150 g

This salad taste as fresh as it looks – fresh bright green
As the name suggests, the taste has a fresh crisp and mild flavour; a perfect complement to add to your other salads for your enjoyment.

Our vegetables:

Grown in indoor clean and controlled vertical farming environment ,  the fresh vegetables is harvested prior delivery and served to you right away.

🏪From FARM to TABLE within 24 hours

🚱Eat it as it is! NO cleaning required!

What you get:

* 💦REFRESHING = Crispy, flavourful, succulent, appealing-looking colour

* 🍀WHOLE LEAF = No trim, no cut, no wilted leaves

* 💯 ORGANIC = Only USDA-approved organic nutrients used; non-GMO seeds;

* 💯 NO CHEMICAL = no pesticide, fungicide, herbicide

Consists of at least 2 heads

Weight : 160g/box

1 box
1 box
2-WEEK DELIVERY , 2 boxes per week
2-WEEK DELIVERY , 2 boxes per week
4-WEEK DELIVERY , 1 box per week
4-WEEK DELIVERY , 1 box per week
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