Sesame Dressing


-Japanese restaurant chef recipes with freshly roasted sesame!
– Perfect to pair with So Fresh mixed salad
– 100g per container

Organic Mixed Salad


Ready to Eat Mixed Salad, No Washing Required

Grow with vertical farming technology, means getting clean, healthy, and nutrient-rich leafy vegetables for our meals!

It is crunchy, flavourful, tasty, with beautiful colours.

Our promise :
*From harvest to your home within 24 hours

*High tech indoor Vertical Farms using only USDA approved organic nutrients

*Non-GMO seeds

*No pesticide, fungicide, herbicide

When packed, each package contains 120 grams of whole leaf salad.

The mixed salad consist of the following leaves (may adjust based on actual harvest)
* Cos Romaine lettuce
* Crispinet
* Green Oak
* Butterhead (green/red)
* Coral (green/red)
* Kale
* Arugula/Rocket (for flavour)

Order cut off: Wednesday at 12noon
Delivery date on Thursday 9am to 5pm or Friday 9am to 5pm

Premium Abalone


Nutritional value : high in protein, vitamins and minerals

Ingredients : water, abalone, abalone sauce, oyster sauce, chicken juice, black truffle , starch

Key information: delicious and unique taste

Best way to cook : Just heat for around 5 minutes and it’s ready to serve