Arugula 50g


Arugula 50g per box freshly cultivated by Agroz Agriculture

Cruciferous vegetable with a peppery, spicy flavour that grows more bitter with age.

🥦 Rich in calcium and Vitamin K.

🥦 Reduces the risks of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers.

🥦 Can be used in pizza, pasta and salads.

Basil 50g


Basil 50g per box freshly grown by Agroz Agriculture

🌿 Contains Calcium and Vitamin K.

🌿 Helps to improve liver health and reduce risks of cancer.

🌿 Can be used in salad, pasta, and pizza.

Honey Comb


Honey Comb 蜂窝

Size: ±250g/pack ; Product origin: Malaysia

Raw honeycomb is jam-packed with vitamins, enzymes, pollen, and antioxidants. Giving your immune system a boost and giving your body other nutrients is an exciting benefit of eating honeycomb

Strawberry Jam


Weight: 0.25kg
Nutritional value : rich in vitamins and minerals

Health benefits : lower our blood pressure, guard against cancer